Why Refrigerator Door Doesn’t Shut Tightly?

technician repairing a fridge
A fridge door should close properly with very little effort. A gentle nudge and the door should steadily swing back, and fit snugly into the frame. When you find your fridge door not closing properly, it is a worrisome scenario and you would want a swift solution. Here is what you can do by yourself before you call Max Fridge Repair for same day service in Miami.

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Check the Position ; Alignment

First, check if the fridge is leveled. Your fridge may be installed directly on the floor. It may be on a stand. If you have a stand or platform upon which your fridge is mounted, then this should be thoroughly checked. It is possible one or more legs or edges of the piece have worn out. There could be indentations. Mild dents can also happen on hard floors. Such relatively minor issues can adversely affect the leveling, and thus the fridge door would not close properly.

Second, check the alignment of the fridge. You can use a spirit level to know for sure if the fridge base and hence its entire form is perfectly horizontal. This should have become apparent at the time of installation, but a new fridge may deal with a slightly uneven surface or unleveled alignment for some time. Routine use can affect this ability of the fridge, and the door may require more effort to be closed.

Check the Hinge ; Gasket

fridge repair miamiThe hinge and gasket are responsible for holding the door properly closed in its right place within the frame. A broken, damaged, or worn-out hinge can prevent the door from being closed properly. A worn-out or defective gasket, effectively a broken seal would also lead to the fridge door not closing properly. You must clean the gasket and hinges, check for damage, and have either or both replaced depending on their obvious conditions.

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A fridge door would not close properly if you have overloaded its shelves. The shelves on the door should have lightweight items.

If you cannot resolve any other problem, contact us immediately and our technicians will carry out onsite fridge repair in Miami.

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