Why Fridge Making Loud Noises?

technician repairing a fridge
Whenever a fridge is too loud, it does not necessarily indicate something is broken inside. There can be glitches, several of which can be quickly attended to. Some serious problems may pop up during a comprehensive inspection, such as worn out or broken parts, and these would have to be replaced. A thorough inspection is necessary to understand if a fridge is too loud sporadically or there is a chronic situation at hand. Max Fridge Repair offers same day inspection and service throughout Miami.

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Causes of Loud Noises in Fridge

A fridge has several mechanical, electrical, and electronic components. The electronic and electrical components operate quietly. These should not make any noise, unless there is a failure of some kind. The mechanical components may make some noise, but nothing unusually loud or strange. A strange noise usually indicates a faulty part.

Most loud noises in a fridge emanate from the rear, bottom, or the sides. The front is unlikely to make any noise. Any strange sound inside the fridge could be due to a blocked vent. If the airflow is obstructed, then the clogged vent would make some noise. There can also be some blockage in the drain hose. If debris is stuck somewhere and it interferes with the circulation of cold air or the water flow during the defrost mechanism, then you will hear strange noises.

appliance repair expertOne of the simplest reasons why a fridge is too loud is an unsecured drain pan. You would hear a rattling noise. This noise originates from the bottom of the fridge. Restore the drain pan in its secured position and the problem would be solved. Other loud noises are due to the evaporator fan, compressor, condenser coils, and defrost system. Compressors can make noise when they are failing. Broken condenser coils or evaporator fan would make noise. These can be repaired or replaced.

Some of the mechanical components in a fridge can be dusty, dirty and laden with debris, and grime. Cleaning these parts would reduce the noise. Servicing them further would eliminate the strange noises. If broken, our technicians can replace these parts and complete fridge repair onsite.

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